Born 1977 in Cracow, lives and works in Vienna.

Well, society is easily manipulated. After the decline of humanism, after the Second World War and Hiroshima, there are still people on this planet who cannot lead a democratic discourse. Every day we hear of labor camps, deportation camps, ghettos, hunger, war, slavery, refugees, clearing of a peaceful demonstration, racism, xenophobia. In times of a tightly networked world in which the art market is strongly affected by capitalistic rules, is the role of contemporary art to make visible what society is happy to overlook? One can agree with Zygmunt Bauman – that the real dialogue isn‘t about talking to the people who believe the same things as you. I try to connect in my works, the private with the micropolitical and macropolitical ties together with social subjects. The initial point for every piece is always a performative act of conversation between the portrayed person and me. The pictoral references of my double sided and transparent objects are pictures documenting these private scenes and transient conversations with strangers and friends. I try to invite my spectators to open up a glimpse into “Non- Lieux” of our perception.

About the artist
The polish artist Monika Piorkowska, awarded in 2010 with Vienna’s Kunsthallenpreis, lives and works in Austria since 2003. Piorkowska had studied before at the Academy of Fine Arts Krakow where she graduated with honors in 2003, Diploma by Prof. S. Wejman. Carrying on her studies in Vienna shortly after at the University of Applied Arts she again graduated with honors from the institution, Diploma by Prof. S. Schenk. Her transmedial artworks relate within the fields of conceptual art, installation and object art, photography, print, painting and performance.

Solo Exhibitions (selection):
Liquid Democracy at Steinek Gallery in Vienna, curated by Angela Stief, 2017
Time Gates at Bildraum 0‘1 Gallery in Vienna, 2014
Art & Recycling at Kare Art Gallery in Istanbul, curated by: Mutlu Raşit and Ezgi Yıldız, 2014
Between Transparency and Disguise at K/HAUS Passagegalerie in Vienna, curated by Birgit Laback, 2013
Time Boxes. Reloaded at Kunstverein Mistelbach (AT), 2012
Time Boxes. Review at Bank Austria Gallery in Vienna, 2011
Time Boxes. Preis der Kunsthalle Wien 2010 at Kunsthalle Vienna, Project Space at Karlsplatz, curated by Thomas Miessgang, 2010
Monika Piorkowska at Project Space/Karlsplatz, Kunsthalle Vienna, 2004

Exhibitions (selection):
AESTHETICS OF CHANGE, 150 Years of the University of Applied Arts Vienna at the
MAK- Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Arts in Vienna, Curators: Elisabeth Schmuttermeier,
Patrick Werkner, Gerald Bast, Peter Weibel, 2017
IPT Krakow-Falun 2013 at Dalarnas Museum in Falun (Sweden), 2013
INTERFACES-ISTANBUL, IPT Krakow-Istanbul 2013, Culture and Art Centrum of MSGSÜ Tophane-i Amire, Istanbul, 2013
INTERFACES-ISTANBUL at Kare Art Gallery in Istanbul, 2013
Young Art Collection, HYPO NOE, St.Pölten (AT), 2013
Faith versus Science, Ausarten, Karlsplatz 2, Vienna, 2012
IDEA-PROCESS-MESSAGE, International Print Triennial at Gallery BWA, Cracow (PL), 2012
TRANSFORMATION & PROCESS at Culture and Art Centrum of MSGSÜ Tophane-i Amire Istanbul (TR), 2011
TRANSFORMATIONS. PROCESS at Austrian Cultural Forum in Cracow (Pl), 2010
Grafik ohne Grenzen, Horst Janssen Museum in Oldenburg (Germany), 2010
CONTRAST, Gallery Lamelli, Krakow (PL), Duo Project, 2009
ESSENCE O‘7, Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna, 2007
We are in Europe, Polish Cultural Institute Vienna, 2007
BLICKFANG 0‘6, Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna, 2006
UNITED CREATURES, Naturhistorisches Museum, Vienna, 2006
POLISH CONTEMPORARY ART, Sandhofer Gallery, Innsbruck (AT), 2005
Art and Advent, Art Auction, Kommunal Kredit Bank Austria, Vienna, 2005

AWARDS (selection):
2007: II PRIZE FOR FINE ARTS of the Polish Academy for Science, Vienna
2006: AWARD FOR FINE ARTS of City of Krakow (PL)
2005: Stamps design competition, I,II, III, IV Award of Austrian Post AG
2004: PRIZE OF OTTO–PRUTSCHER–FONDS, Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna
2004: Layout Competition, Award of Stieglbrauerei Art
2004: Stamps design competition, Award of Austrian Post AG

Time Boxes. Monika Piorkowska Award of Kunsthalle Wien 2010 ISBN: 978-3-9502891-5-2

University of Applied Arts in Vienna , 2017
BANK AUSTRIA, Art Collection, Several Private Collections Vienna City Hall, 2011

2013: INTERFACES-ISTANBUL, International Print Triennial Krakow-Istanbul 2013 at Culture and Art Centrum of MSGSÜ, Tophane-i Amire Istanbul (TR)
2013: Politic & Private at Gallery Utopiya in Istanbul

Guest artist by Prof. Gerald Matt, University of Applied Arts Vienna (2012)
Guest artist at the University Mimar Sinan Fine Arts Istanbul (2011)
Workshops, Künstlerhaus Vienna, (2010)